Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trip to Washington, D.C.

My son, the one that just returned from Iraq; is leaving in the morning. But this time it is just a 2-3 day trip to Washington, D.C.

Last week, he and all the other recently returning Screaming Eagles at Fort Campbell; got to see the President, when he stopped to thank them for their service - so cool.

Tomorrow's trip is different, it is sad and happy.

It is sad because his buddies and him are going to the VA Hospital in Washington, DC to see their Sergeant. Only days before he was due to come home, this young hero's life was forever changed when his hummer hit a IED [a crudely made bomb] and his arm was blown off.

It is happy because, he is alive and back in the USA.

I feel sorry for this young man that I don't know that gave his arm for his country to defend my freedom. I feel guilty that I am grateful that it wasn't my son; although I know it could have easily been my son... or even my daughter, as my oldest daughter is still deployed to Iraq - a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, she is on her 3rd deployment.

To all the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, family members and friends; may your loved ones come home safe and sound as mine have so far. And God willing, they will continue to.

Deployments are a fact of life in my family:

oldest daughter - staff sgt in Air Force.

2nd son - cav scout with 101st Airborne - Screaming Eagle.

3rd son - ships to Basic at Ft Knox in 4 weeks; training to be a tanker crewman and set to deploy in the spring.

4th son - a high school freshman and taking JROTC classes.

God Bless this country and the soldiers fighting to keep it free.

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