Saturday, December 20, 2008

Care Bears Denim Cathedral Windows Quilt

This quilt was made for my oldest granddaughter, Britny. She wanted Care Bears and I found this darling fabric with Care Bears sitting and sleeping on clouds.

A cool thing about this fabric is that the little clouds that the Care Bears are sitting and lying on glow in the dark. I didn't know that when I bought the fabric. I had been sewing on the quilt; and stopped for the night with the quilt pieces laying on my sewing machine. I turned out the light in the room and for some reason turned around. It startled me at first, because I had no clue what that weird eerie glowing light was from my sewing machine. So I went over to investigate and discovered the fabric glowed in the dark. That is pretty neat and especially for little kids that are scared of the dark.

Again the twinkles were added by me in a photoshop frenzy long ago.

I really like this pattern. How it starts with a circle and then you add a square and the circle wraps around the square making it a square. And when they are all put together it looks like endless interlocking circles.

I think the black stitching resembles the black leading in stained glass windows.

This is totally done on the machine, no hand piecing. i even rotary cut the squares for the insets; and I have a rotary cutting tool that cuts circles to cut the denim background circles.

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