Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Norris Genealogy

Been working on my Norris genealogy lately; thanks to being contacted by a cousin.

Uncle Chester Norris and his brother, John Quincy Norris married sisters, Connie Rachel Ball and Ida Rebecca Ball.

Grandpa Noble Norris and brother William Norris also married sisters, Nora Elva Moore and Margaine Moore.

All these Norris boys were the sons of George Norris and Nancy Wilson.

Connie and Ida were the daughters of Hugh Ball and Amanda Jackson.

Nora and Margaine (aka Gaine) were the daughters of John B. Moore, Jr. and Emma Viola Judd.


Dina Anderson said...

Paula - I am Diane's daughter - Dina. I wanted to tell you how cool it was that I was looking up to see if my middle name - Margaine - had a meaning or where it came from (besides my Great Grandma) and the first page that popped up with the words Margaine in it was your blog page!! It was very cool to see the Norris name and to see my Great Grandma's name on a blog post! I know my mom thinks the world of you!

Paula Talbert said...

Hi Dina, so glad you stopped by. Sorry I missed the comment for a few days. Your Mom has been so helpful to me.

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