Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crazy Quilt Wallhanging

This is my first attempt at crazy quilting. I have been fascinated by crazy quilting for a long time.

So after several failed attempts at making a crazy quilt; that went in the trash. I came up with this one that I liked.

This was a birthday gift for my friend, Lidora.

It won a blue ribbon at the Scioto County, Ohio Fair.

The background is actually for crazy paper piecing blocks that I printed the papers for off line.

Then I embellished it with lots of beads and buttons.

I have quite a large button collection, thanks to being taught by my Grandmother Kuchenmeister to cut off and save all buttons from an piece of clothing that is going to be thrown out.

I tended to include lots of purple as it is both of our favorite colors and I threw in gold, because I love it and it goes so well with purple.

I also added in lots of lace and trims.

My friend really liked it.
I can not figure out how to get my pictures to be in any place but at the top of a post. Sorry blogger smushed them together.

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