Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Third Quilt Design Post

This design is made entirely of log cabin blocks; but they are colored in such a way to look like a Lone Star or Star of Bethelehem star.  A couple of the lines are darker than they should be; because the markers I used to color it, were NOT exact to their lid colors.

The colors are a variety of blues that blend well for the star, a variety of yellows for the background; and each log cabin block will have a red center.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Quilt Design

Here is the second design I drew:

I like how it appears to have circles and curves in it, even though it is all straight lines.

Some Possible Future Quilt Designs

Been drawing up possible new quilts.  This is the first one, totally different from what I usual do.  But I think I like it.

Started on a New Quilt

Have started a new quilt, it is a crazy quilt, done in 12 inch blocks.  I have draw the design up in mostly greens with a little yellow and brown; to give it a feel for being like a walk in the forest on a sunny day.

This is the design drawing I made up; however, the lady that is getting this wanted purples thrown in as it is her favorite color.

I got 3.75 of the blocks pieced and am liking it so far.

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