Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas cards for Soldiers update

Well yesterday I got my cards mailed out for the soldiers. I sent 81.

Every year, you buy a box of Christmas cards; and send out how many you need and have some left. You bought them, paid good money for them, so you aren't going to just throw them away. So you save them. But the next year, you want fresh new cards; so you buy more.

I took all these leftover cards; and then spent a whole whopping $3.00 at Dollar Tree; where I found boxes of 16 cards for $1.00.

This is simple to do. Address them inside to something like, "Dear Soldier". Then I signed them: Thank you! Merry Christmas and my name. Easy peasy, as the kids say. Thank that soldier for paying the price to let you enjoy freedom.

Do it now; even if you just send one, that is another soldier that will know he is appreciated.

If you send multiple cards; mail them in the same large envelope. So I now have all the envelopes left from these cards that I can use to mail out other things. That's a win-win.

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