Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Just Past

Well I can now tell about some of the Christmas presents I made this year.  Didn't want to ruin their surprises.
  • Made my second son that is currently deployed to Iraq, a brown crocheted hat and scarf set.
  • Made my dh a medium blue crocheted hat with a large black band on the bottom.
  • Made my new step-granddaughter a yellow crocheted hat with a scalloped loop edging.
  • Made my new step-grandson a heather crocheted hat.
  • Made my oldest son a crocheted medium blue hat and a matching wide scarf.
  • Made two OSU crocheted striped hats on commission.
  • Made a navy blue crocheted hat on commission.
  • Made my youngest son's girlfriend a crocheted purple hat with a ruffle.
  • Made my youngest daughter a crocheted hat in her school colors of black and orange; the main body of the hat was black and the ruffle was orange.
  • I made my oldest granddaughter a crocheted pink hat with a scalloped loop edging and a crocheted flower accent.
  • I made my second granddaughter a crocheted peach hat with a scalloped loop edging and a crocheted flower accent.
I'll post pictures of these when I get back home, I am out of state right now, since my aunt passed away.

I have a denim cathedral windows quilt half done for my newest son-in-law, but got sick for almost two weeks and it isn't done yet.  He is a retired US Army Sergeant, so instead of denim for the background, I am using all his old camo uniforms, and for the inset centers, I am using a solid black and it is setting the camo off perfectly.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

They're married!

My second daughter is latest of the kids to get married.  Congratulations, Rachel & Earl.  Best wishes for a happy and long life together.  This also adds two grandkids, welcome to the family, Chris & Alicia.

On the Road Again

December has been another busy month.  The rush of making Christmas cards, Christmas gifts.  Then being sick for almost two weeks.  Just as I was feeling better, I got word that my Aunt Thelma had passed away quite suddenly.  So then it was hop in the car and head to Ohio; got to spend Christmas with my family, which was nice.  But soon it will be her funeral and that is sad.  This is the 3rd death in our family this year.  Uncle Bob died in January after a long battle with lung cancer.  Uncle Zeke passed in November after a longer battle with lung cancer.  Then just weeks after Zeke's passing, Aunt Thelma, she was diagnosed with lung cancer but passed within days of the diagnosis.

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