Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Genealogy Roll Call of Names I Research

And here are my families:

Brinker OH>PA -- decendants of Andreas BRINKER & Regula HERTER who immigrated to America in 1635

Drake from NW OH Silas Drake from Hancock Co., OH

Hubert -- I descend from two Hubert brothers, John G. & Valentine Jerome; KY>BAV

Kinter from OH>PA -- John KINTER & Margaret BANKS of PA

Judd -- from KY, includes The Judds country singers and actress Ashley Judd

Kuchenmeister, Kuckenmeister OH>GER Heinrich KUCHENMEISTER & Carolina FREITAG came to Cleveland, OH area in the 1850s

Norris OH>VA my oldest proven ancestor here is John NORRIS of NC who married Polly SONGER in Wytheville, Virginia; they moved to OH and then he married 2nd Ellen WOODS

Marxmiller KY>GER Diedrich, Henry, Christian MARXMILLER family lived around Covington, KY

Quackenbush from NW OH -- Mrs. Ann Quackenbush had Rowena, Tuneson, Alverado. I have been unable to locate Ann's husband's name.

These names I research, they are ancestors of my children on their paternal side:

Blackburn of Kentucky - David BLACKBURN of Grant Co., KY

Bradfield IN>OH>VA>ENG - Iantha BRADFIELD of Loudoun Co., VA

Heed -- Abraham HEED & Mary/Polly CREM

Plummer of Falmouth, Kentucky

Talbert, variations include: Tolbert, Talbott, Talbot -- Here are main lines that I have traced for a long time:

* John TALBOTT & Sarah LOCKYER of MD

* Richard TALBOTT & Elizabeth EWEN of MD

* Samuel TOLBERT & Keziah TRACY of Belmont Co., OH

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