Saturday, December 27, 2008


I have had the opportunity for the last two days and for about a week more to be alone. I am reveling in it. Having a huge family, peace, solitude and the calmingness of it all is so rare for me.
I feels like I have been out of focus for a while and now in the quietness I can be adjusted ever so slightly back into a clearer focus.
I am not lonely; and it does not mean I don't love my family immensely; but solitude has always been a bit of heaven to me.
Occasionally someone calls and we chat or someone drops by and we visit; but I now that peaceful quietness is waiting with open arms after my visitor goes back to their life. And I savor both experiences as someone savors the most delicious meal of their life.
And besides the quietness and calming; with feeling harried or rushed in the least I am being so very productive, I am loving it.

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Kopperhead said...

Hi Paula, pls write me at kopperhead at cox dot net. I want to chat with you but can't find link to follow your blog or way to email you.
Kopperhead (KC)

Happy New Year
Hope you had a merry Christmas, too.

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