Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Woohoo! Published at Associated Content

Had an article published at Associated Content; hope you will check it out.

How to Find Free or Dirt Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies
Scrapbooking supplies need not be expensive to be creative. In fact, creativity often increases as we focus on cost-saving ideas.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Making the Basic Card

I thought maybe you would like to know how to make the basic blank card to embellish.  It took me a little bit to figure it out.

Take a piece of 8-1/2 x 11 inch cardstock and turn it sideways so that it is wider than tall.  You want to cut this in half so that you no have two pieces of cardstock each 8-1/2" x 5-1/2".

Fold them in half, using a bone folder, if you have one or if not creasing the fold crisply with your fingernail.

You now have a basic card blank that is 4-1/4" x 5-1/2".

These card blanks will fit in Invitation Envelopes which are available at Wal-Mart or at office supply stores.  Invitation Envelopes are 4-3/4" x 6-1/2" in size.

Today's Scanned Cards

Scanned these cards today. 

This first one is an elegent wallpaper fussy cut.  It is highly texturized.

The second one has a star border cut from a wallpaper sample.  The moon is a Sizzix die cut called Crescent Moon (38-0275) and I die cut it out of a textured wallpaper sample.

This third card is a Sizzix die cut called Gingerbread Man (38-0932).  The smile did not show on this so I simply took a small pair of curved scissors and snipped his smile bigger so that it showed up well.  This was die cut from a wallpaper sample.

This fourth card was cut from two pieces of wallpaper samples in the same pattern but different colors.  It was die cut from Sizzix die Balloons #2 (38-0146). 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cards Again

Four more, been on a scanfest today, lol.  Cards 2-4 are fussy cut wallpaper samples.

Card 1 is Sizzix die cuts: Dove and Heart (2 separate dies)

Four cards

Four more scanned cards.

This card is on a background of pink cardstock.  The architectural detail on the bottom was trimmed from a wallpaper sample.  As was the word, Innocence.  The stylized sun is a Sizzix die cut (38-0707) I cut it from wallpaper.

These are die cuts from Sizzix Flower #1 (38-0224); I die cut them from paint chips in various shades of purple.

The last two cards are made from fussy cut wallpaper samples.

Two More Cards

Here are two more.

These are two of my favorite cards.

More Drawn Cards

Here are some more cards I drew.

Drawn Cards

These are cards that I drew.

Savannah's Second Birthday Card

I made this card for my precious granddaughter, Savannah, for her second birthday.

The background is a pink cardstock, that I edged with a pale purple scrapbook marker.
The 2 is a chipboard cut out that I colored with scrapbook markers; then dotted with a white paint pen.  Then I covered with the entire 2 with some glossy goo (sorry can't remember the name but I think they are from Ranger Ink); I hit the glossy goo with a heat gun and that made it bubble up slight to add texture.
The pastel heart paper was from a book of kids scrapbook papers, maybe from Paulette Jarvey's company (hope I didn't kill her name, I remember seeing her on scrapbook shows).  I tore the paper and lightly inked the edges before I glued it down.
The sun was fussy cut from a paper of scrapbook elements, I think from the same book as the pastel heart paper.  I used the glossy goo on it and added some glitter to it while it was still wet.
The teddy bear was a button, that I snapped the back shank off of and attached with a glue dot.

Bayleigh's Birthday Card

This is a birthday card I made for my little niece, Bayleigh.

This card started out with a greeting card blank that had an embossed border.  I rubbed chalk over the embossing to make it show up better.
I used a scrapbook marker to outline the embossed area on both sides.
The flower is a chipboard accent.
I added silver ribbon and a metal queen bee charm.
I spelled out 'Happy Birthday' in glossy sticker heart letters.

Another Batch of Cards

Here are four more cards I made; and finally got scanned today.
First one is a cute little critter that I fussy cut from a wallpaper sample.

The second one is a pencil drawing that I did.

The last two are fussy cuts from wallpaper samples.  I love these stylized flowers; I think they are absolutely gorgeous.  So classy and sophisticated.

Some More Cards

Here are some more cards I scanned today.  These are made from cardstock backgrounds and images I fussy cut from wallpaper samples and old calendars.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finished a quilt today!

I finally got the Princess Denim Cathedral Window quilt that is for my 2 year old granddaughter finished today.

Here is a close up.

New Article Published!

I just received notification that an article of mine was published on Associated Content.  Hope you will take a look and find it helpful.

How to Find Free or Dirt Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies

It lists free or extremely inexpensive items that can be used in your scrapbooking; and gives some useful tips on using them.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cards post 2

Here are some more of the cards I have made lately.


Here are some of the cards I have made lately.  These cards are simple and elegant.  The backgrounds are made from cardstock.

This first card has a lovely fussycut stylized flower cut from a wallpaper sample.

This is a collage of cut-outs; the rose is from a wallpaper sample; the leaves were added to the composition.

This one is a piece of green embossed piece of cardstock layered with a torn rubber-stamped image.  The image has been lightly chalked.  Then the torn edges have been drybrushed lightly with gold paint.

This one is a thank you card.  First I put a narrow white cardstock band across the bottom part of the card.  The pink dotted square is from a wallpaper sample.  The thank you is a rubber stamp image; that has been chalked.  The rubber stamped image has had the edges torn and lightly drybrushed with gold paint.

This a rubber stamped image that was colored with watercolor pencils on white cardstock with torn edges that have been chalked.

This is a rubber stamped iamge of a flower cart that I colored in with watercolor markers and then drybrushed lightly the image and torn edges with gold paint.

The maroon background is a large paint chip the vertical stripes on each side were made with a gold paint pen.  Then I layered a rectangle of black cardstock.  The thoughts of you is a rubber stamp that is a watercolor marker in its background.  Then I lightly drybrushed the images and its torn edges with gold paint.

This is a large brown paint chip; with gold paint pen stripes at the sides.  All the rest are stickers.

Hope you like my cards, these were sent to deployed troops.  They are not able to buy cards to send home to their families.  I found a group on the Cricut messageboards that sends cards to the troops and these went there.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Made 40 some cards this week. I am scanning them, so I can post some for you to see.

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