Saturday, December 20, 2008

Barbara's Billy Ray Cyrus Quilt

My friend has a sister that is severely mentally challenged. Her sister, Barbara, is crazy in love with Billy Ray Cyrus. She has all his music and scrapbooks with every single picture she can find of him in it. All the music cases and pictures are covered in lip prints as Barbara kisses them all every day. And when she gets a new picture or tape of him she just squeals.
As you can tell from the picture, Barbara loved her quilt, she was overcome with emotion seeing it.

So her sister had me make a Billy Ray for Barbara. So I pieced the background of every red fabric that said love to me, all different kinds of hearts and I even found a fabric with lip prints on it. Then on top of that I appliqued pictures of Billy Ray Cyrus. Some taken at concerts Barbara had gone to of his. And some I found online. I pieced the background first. Then I placed the pictures on the top as if you had them in your hand and just flicked them onto the bed.

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