Saturday, January 29, 2011

Art Journal Every Day #3

This is the art journal page for January 4th & 5th.  I am keeping this simple and focusing on actually doing it and getting it done; rather than doing something fancy.  The black dot, bled through from the backside; I guess that I didn't get thick enough pages in this art journal.

Art Journal Every Day #2

This is the second page I did in my Art Journal. for January 2nd and 3rd:

Art Journal Every Day #1

Paisley Drawing

This is a paisley drawing done as mail art. I am very drawn to paisleys.  I love drawing them.  I remember that when I was little, many women had paisley print dresses and I hated them.  I still would not wear paisley but I love them in my artwork.

Drawing of a Dragonfly

This is a dragonfly drawing I did as mail art.

Army Cathedral Window Quilt

This is the latest cathedral window quilt.  Insets are all solid black; background are the actual military uniforms worn by the retired Army sergeant that this is being made for.

And Even More Pics from Christmas

The one above is a purple ruffled hat.

This one is pretty pink with a scalloped edge and a crochet flower accent.

And More Pics from Christmas

Here are some more from Christmas:

The one is done in scarlet and gray stripes, the OSU (Ohio State University) colors.

The other hat is yellow with a scalloped edge.


Here is some pics of my Christmas projects:

The hat on the left is a peach colored, scalloped edge hat with a brown crocheted flower accent.

The other hat is medium blue with a wide black lower band that can by turned up or left down, like shown.

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