Sunday, April 24, 2011

Die Cutting Session - Part 2

After another marathon die cutting session last night I have a die cut from every small (green), medium (yellow and 1 black), and large (red or black) and Bigz (pink, black, blue and red) die that I own.

Now I need to embellish them and then I can take pictures of them all, it is a more lengthy process than you would think.

As I was cutting out some of the Dress Ups Doll items and noticed something that is so very irritating.  They are only putting one shoe on the die - there is room for both shoes but they only put one.  Noticed this on the Dress Ups Scuba Gear and the Dress Ups Police Uniform.  I mean it is just poor planning. 

You have to either waster paper by cutting out the entire die again and having wasted extra pieces to get one shoe.  Or you got to cut a little piece and arrange it just so to get it where you want it.  Also when a Sizzix die cuts it ever so gently curves or bevels the edge; so when you don't have both shoes to cut at once the other shoe is beveled wrong. 

I mean I know it is a nit-picky thing but they should know better.

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