Thursday, April 21, 2011

Art Journal Every Day # 14 - Welcome Home Soldiers - Good Well Done!

Sorry for the long delay in posting the next page in my art journal. 

This is the next page in my Art Journal that I am doing as part of the year-long project that Julie Fei Fan Balzer is hosting. You can check it out here: Art Journal Every Day

This page is a collage.  Here is a little secret the previous page was fine until I outlined in black with the Marthe Stewart ebony writing marker.  Now I love this marker, got it at Big Lots for a dollar and it is wonderful.  However, in this case, the black bled through the paper (the art journal was one I grab when I was visiting my Dad at Big Lots so probably not the best quality paper.

Anyway, when I saw the the black bleed through marks, I decided to make this paper a collage.  Now with four kids in the military and living near an Army post (Ft. Campbell) I am very into military and patriotic things.  I have been cutting these images out of newspapers and local magazines for a long time.  So this page went together fast.  And then I had the soldier sticker (I think, technically he is a Marine, but still military).  Overall, I think the page speaks for itself.

God Bless all our service people and bring them all home safely.

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