Monday, May 17, 2010

Separation Prior to Divorce

Been putting off posting this for a little while.  On Mother's Day weekend my husband of 29 years (and father of my seven children) and I separated and will be divorcing.

He went I had to drive him to Florida to go live with our oldest daughter.  I borrowed my second son's SUV to haul all his crap precious belongings to her place.  My son decided to ride along -- which was good he helped with the driving and helped stop any arguments.

We went to Navarre Beach which has beautiful white sugar sand, seashells, gorgeous blue green water that you can see through.  It almost made me wish to switch places with DH -- as my daughter lives 1 mile from this gorgeous beach.  But he hates the beach - go figure.

My son had never seen the ocean before.  He jumped in the surf like an overstimulated puppy and then without thinking bent over to grab a seashell and then it happened!  His new (two month old and cost $600) camera was hanging around his neck.  When he reached down, the camera went SPLASH! into the water.  Also he forgot his wallet was in his pocket and that got soaked too.

But he was so thrilled to be seeing the ocean for the first time that he couldn't stop having fun to get mad.

We stayed to watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico -- with more colors than a Sherwin-Williams paint store.

There was a small boat that came in at dusk and they had caught a 37" shark and they let us take pictures of it and my son got to hold it.

Then my daughter and son-in-law took us to Pensacola to a sports bar called Sidelines.  We sat on the patio and had sandwiches -- I had the catch of the day and it was a huge sandwich and large hand cut fries -- nice.  The only cons about Sidelines were that it was very loud for my tastes.  Also the ceiling fans on the patio were under the ceiling lights and that gave a weird strobe light type of effect; which freaked my eyes out, but didn't seem to bother anyone else.

All in all the evening at the beach and at Sidelines was a good time.

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