Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 4th - Finally home from Ohio trip

Well we got home from Ohio at 0430 hours and then I had to have dh to a doctor's appointment in Nashville by 1100 hours. 

It rained pretty heavy about half the way home.

And as usual, we hated to say goodbye to the folks in Ohio so much so that we lingered and lingered until it was way late.

Today on the way into Nashville we got caught in a pretty nasty traffic jam.  Dropped dh (by this time he was starting to become DH) off at the VA hospital for his appointment; and went about 2-3 blocks away to the Parthenon.  I am writing his blog post from my daughter's but have some pictures I took to post later.

The Parthenon is a truly amazing place and right in the middle of the city in Nashville.

I will write more after I unpack and make a "What I have to do to catch up" list.

Note: I wrote this blogpost longhand while at the Parthenon and have not gotten to post it until now.  That is why I dated it for May 4th.

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