Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ohio Trip

I'm in Ohio for a short weekend visit!  It's kind of cool and rainy weather, but I am happy to be able to visit.

You know how you always seem to forget something?  Well sure enough, I left without packing the phone charger. 

Got to see my sister-in-law for a little bit.

Then went to Golden Corral with my Dad and my granddaughter to eat.
Then visited with my Dad for a little bit.  We looked at his pen collection (if you know Dad you know he is pen crazy & it tends to run in the family) and he gave me 4 pens I was drooling over.  I purple glittery one; and a fine point purple gel pen. And a yellow glittery one and another purple pen.  And since purple is my favorite color, I was happy! .... I know, sometimes, I am easily amused.

There is this cool office supply store in town called Bihl's and they not only have cool pens; then let you try them out in the store.  They have little scratch pads by the pens for you to check them out.  How cool is that?

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