Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glimpses from Centennial Park

Right in the midst of Nashville, right by Vanderbilt University is a gorgeous park called Centennial Park.

It has a lovely lake with fountains and a walking track around it.  The lake's edge is built of awesome stonework.
Sorry that this picture isn't the greatest; I have a supposedly nice fairly new Nikon CoolPix camera; but I can not get it to take decent pictures.  But it could very well be operator stupidity.

Of course, there is the prerequisite park benches and picnic tables.

Wildlife abounds here and it is so friendly it is almost tame.

Birds are flying around everywhere.

Fat iridescent pigeons hop across the clover filled grassy areas.

Canadian geese honk as they waddle amongst the people; or swim sedately across the surface of the beautiful lake.

A family of Canadian geese stroll serenely down the driveway, oblivious to anyone thinking they have the right to drive their car there.

Poppa and Momma Goose strutting along proudly with their brood of about 10 big fat fluffy babies.

People pushing strollers, riding bikes or walking the paths.

Across the lake there is a couple walking their big black lab dog past a man fishing.

Lush trees and bushes and flowers make this a little oasis of beauty and serenity within the hustle and bustle of city life.

Fat squirrels chase each other across the grass and race around and around up the tree trunks.

And amidst all of this is a life size Parthenon, like the one in Greece -- only better, in some ways -- as this Parthenon is complete.  This is how the Parthenon looked like in Ancient Greece.

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