Monday, May 18, 2009

Got a Bread Machine

While I was cruising around the local grocery store lucking for bargains [nothing sadly, way overpriced, for people not willing to drive to save]; I picked up a freebie newspaper. Found someone selling a new dual bread machine for $25. Had to go to Clarksville [Tennessee] to get it; but it still had the packing materials in it. It can make two different types of bread at the same time.

Went to Sam's Club in Clarksville and got bulk yeast for $4.00 for 2 pounds; which is way better than Walmart's $0.87 for the little packet. Then on the way back found an Amish bulk food store that was ridiculously high on some things; but had excellent prices on bulk spices. Got a small butter tub size container of rosemary for $1.08; and the same size of caraway for rye bread for $1.08. They sell 50 pound bags of whole wheat flour for $28. I bought a loaf of bread from Walmart the other day that was herbed rosemary and it was awesome; so going to try and make something similar at home.

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