Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's Card From the Bits & Pieces Drawer

Here is the next card I made in my card making session recently - I like that these are made from little bits and pieces that I have saved. 

This is another rubber stamped image; long ago; I stamped 1 image from each of my rubber stamps.  This was from that time.  The card itself is made from light colored cardstock.  I stamped the image with a gray ink so that I could see the outline but it would basically disappear after I colored it in.  

This was colored with a combination of Copic markers and Whispers Strokes markers.  Then I tore the edges around image, pulling towards me so the rough edge of the tear was on top, and inked it with Cement Antiquities  Ink Pad from  Ranger Ink.  I really like the effect that it gives.

Then I a Zig 2 Way Glue to glue the finished image to the cardstock.  I love the look of this card it reminds my of a spring afternoon in the French countryside; very friendly and cheerful.

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