Friday, May 20, 2011

Rubber Stamps Revisited

I spent several hours tonight; working with my rubber stamps.  About a year and a half ago; it looked  like we  would be moving to Europe and total weight of our belongings was an issue.  So I unmounted my MANY rubber stamps.  An while it always them to be stored in a fraction of the space that it took before.  They are all jumbled and stuck together in several drawers. 
Tonight for some unknown reason I got started on them again; I got out the Undu and removed the rest of the sticky back from them.  It was a messy sticky mess.  My hands are still somewhat sticky and I have tried several products to make them not be tacky.

Well besides that I got them all ready.  Some are still sticky and I am not sure what to do about that.  But the next step in the plan is to put them in CD cases.  This will work with all but 2 tiny alphabet sets, some foam stamps and some very long border stamps that will still live in a drawer.

I am thinking about whether it would be worthwhile to stamp the images on a cover for the CDs; but I haven't decided yet.

But I think getting them accessible in CD cases, rather than in a sticky pile will let me get to them more easily and they will get used more.

I'll try to get a pic for ya tomorrow, right now everything is sticky and I don't want to gunk up the camera.

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