Friday, April 23, 2010

Today's Scanned Cards

Scanned these cards today. 

This first one is an elegent wallpaper fussy cut.  It is highly texturized.

The second one has a star border cut from a wallpaper sample.  The moon is a Sizzix die cut called Crescent Moon (38-0275) and I die cut it out of a textured wallpaper sample.

This third card is a Sizzix die cut called Gingerbread Man (38-0932).  The smile did not show on this so I simply took a small pair of curved scissors and snipped his smile bigger so that it showed up well.  This was die cut from a wallpaper sample.

This fourth card was cut from two pieces of wallpaper samples in the same pattern but different colors.  It was die cut from Sizzix die Balloons #2 (38-0146). 

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