Friday, March 26, 2010


Today has been a crummy day; dh has been arguing with me all day. But I am off in my office/studio and am determined to get into a better mood. Playing my favorite playlist in itunes. Trying to fight off a headache.
Things I have been up to lately:
Been to the DAV Auxiiliary meeting this week.
Went bowling last night with my second son, his wife and daughter.
Been working on my 2 year old granddaughter's Denin Cathedral Window Princess quilt; got 2 rows done and ready to attach to the main part of the quilt; and 2 more rows ready to be joined together.
Had a crazy amount of birthdays this month:
My middle daughter turned 21; my oldest son turned 25; my youngest daughter turned 16; my second grandaughter turned 2.
Also it was the birthday month for my sister-in-law, two aunts, cousin, and a brother.
Personally life seems to be transitioning again; as I move from place to place [sometimes physically, but more often moving emotionally or in life decisions.

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