Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sad News in Pop Culture

Today Farrah Fawcett, aged 62 passed away from cancer. She was a huge star in the 1970s for Charlie's Angels and for an infamous poster.

Second, Michael Jackson, passed away at 50; musical genius, dancer extradinaire turned oddball. Although he was clearly troubled in recent years. He was hugely popular back in the day. Who could stop from tapping there toe to Beat It or Billie Jean; and who could forget The Thriller.

Third [don't they always die in threes? My grandma always said that, and it seems to hold true] was Ed McMahon the ever-present sidekick to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. We al remember his trademark, "Heeeeeeerrrrreeeee's Johnny!!"

And also this week the death of a marriage as reality tv stars and parents of one of the most popular celebrity mega-family: Jon and Kate Gosselin have filed divorce papers. Although many seen this coming, if they watched the show. It is still tremendously sad, that those children must go through this and go through it with cameras in their faces.

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