Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back after a while

I haven't posted in over a month. So much has happened since then. My husband and I have reconciled and have moved into our own place together. This has brought about many changes in my life; mostly for the better.

My third son, Joseph has graduated from Fort Knox and is in the middle of his AIT training. His wife and baby girl came to spend a week with us.

Our new home is way out in the boonies, near a state forest. One of the few not so great things about living here, is that there is no dsl. I currently have a dial-up service that is very taxing on the nerves, after being used to cable speed internet. On the positive side, they only charge $13 a month for it. But on the negative side, it is horrendously slow. So much so that, it takes minutes for each email to load, etc. However, Hughesnet which offers satellite service here charges the better part of $100 a month.

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