Monday, June 13, 2011

A Trio of Fast Winter Cards from the Bits and Pieces Drawer

Here is a three pack of winter and Christmas theme cards that I whipped out in my recent cardmaking session.  These were some of the fastest cards.  They will serve the purpose of a personalized, non-commercially mass produced card though.

This first card has a very large sticker of Santa holding a Christmas tree.  Then I wrote in overly elongated style "merry christmas" using a green Sakura gelly roll pen.

These next two cards are even quicker and simpler than the last one.  Years ago in a LSS's scrapbooking indoor yard sale, I got overly excited by a card with the two following images on it.  They were not stickers though and for years I have passed them by because it would be difficult to fussy cut them.  I decided to just use them up, so I cut them with an obvious border.  Glued them down and added a little frosty blue pen stitching around them.

So I can feel good about making use of these bits and pieces and I have three cards to send to someone when the weather gets frosty.

1 comment:

milkcan said...

Yay for Sakura Gelly Roll! And Yay for your fun cards! :)

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