Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's Crazy Quilt update.

Got some time to work on the Crazy Quilt last night and tonight, yippee! 

Here are some pics

I added a multiple length green blanket stitch to this seam and then added tiny white beads.

This is a way cool vintage button with neat patina from years of love ( it is slightly blurry in the pic for some reason).  Then the seam between it and the beaded spiderweb has a pink row of leaf stitched and then I went back and added a crossbar at the intersection of each stitch.

The white washed out a little from the flash in this pic.  The white lace medallion is really two pieces I cut out of a lace edging and rearranged into this design, I added a large pale lilac bead in the center and beaded tiny pearl beads around the edge and a small spray of them coming off the upper left and trailing down.

This shows the pink edge trim that I cut from a fancier design and then added the green pearlized beads on it.  The central motif starts with a huge vintage button and has a beaded loop hanging from its holes.  I gold metallic corner is tooked under the left side.  Two beaded green loops and a large lilac bead and a seashell are up top.  Further on the right is a groupings of mother of pearl and old off white vintage buttons, interspersed with a purple bead from a pair of favorite earrings that bit the dust.

This lovely lavender motif is a vintage piece I inherited from my Grandma Kuchenmeister that adopted me.

The flash messed with this a little.  The red teardrop jewel is surrounded by tiny white beads that trail off into a flourish of larger beads.

Finally this is the block (lower left in the piece) and how it is looking so far.  You can see the small string of pink pearls that I couched down along the long purple seam in the upper right.


Cheryl Palmer said...

Fabulous, I love it! Such creativity...

Paula Talbert said...

Thanks Cheryl, glad you like it.

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