Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cricut New Arrival Die Cuts List

These die cuts are included on the New Arrival cartridge.

Pregnant mom with purse, hat, shoes, hair, pants overlays
Umbrella with bow overlay
Words: Baby Shower
Words connected: For, Date, Time, Place, RSVP
Baby in a sling
Stork flying that can go with the baby in a sling
Pile of presents; with bow, tag, and ribbon overlays
Stitched looking card
Word: Congratulations
Words: New Arrival
Connected Words: Name, Date, Time, Weight, Length, Parents
Words: It’s a Boy
Words: It’s a Girl
Word: Twin
Two overlapped hearts
Woman pushing baby stroller with hair, shoes, dress overlays
Baby stroller with trim overlay
Word: Bath time with bubbles overlay
Bathtub with bubbles overlay
Rubber ducky
Crawling baby with diaper overlay
Girl outfit with shirt, panties and clothes hanger
Onesie with clothes hanger
Smiling flower
Smiling butterfly
Baby face with bow overlay
Bassinet with trim overlay
Smiling moon with hat overlay
Diaper bag, opens and closes with teddy bear, bottle and diaper
Diaper pins
Baby booties with bow overlay
Baby bottle with nipple and ring overlay
Baby rattle with trim overlay
Words: Little One
Baby feet
Sitting baby with arms out; with bow and diaper overlay
Teddy bear
Bunny stuffed animal
Airplane with cloud, wing, propeller and banner overlays
Pickup truck
Choo choo train
Pea pod with baby face that fits in it
Words: Sweet Pea
Word: Baby
Words: I am small
Words: I am big
Word: Love
Words: For you
Words: Thank you
Confetti, hearts, star, pacifier, baby bottle, moon
Circle charm
Place card
Envelope with optional window
Envelope 2

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